Geelong driveway design and construction

While perhaps not considered an exciting feature in a landscape design, your driveway should be a strategic part of your landscaping plan. Its length, shape and texture are important factors for your driveway entrance, as it leads you up the garden path so to speak.

We build driveways using a wide range of colours, aggregate sizes and concrete shades or pavers, depending on the style of home. A smooth and simple concrete driveway creates a tidy and low-maintenance result, whereas a crunchy gravel driveway is cost effective if you have a large distance to cover. Your choice of driveway also needs to complement your style of garden and plants, whether it is formal, native or rural.

We construct a lot of exposed aggregate driveways for their modern look and value for money, but our range also spans the traditional red brick paver through to contemporary blue-grey shades of sawn bluestone natural paver. As brick and stone take a lot of expertise to install correctly, we have some of Geelong’s most experienced landscapers to pave your driveway.

Structurally, the slope and gradient of your driveway is important to allow smooth run off and prevent puddles. All of our paving is laid on a reinforced concrete slab to ensure strength and avoid future slumping, which is a common problem we are called in to fix.

Your driveway is the one feature in your landscape that you will see and use every day, so it needs to function well, stay safe and look good! Contact King's Landscaping in Geelong to find out how we can transform your driveway.

We’re leading landscapers in Geelong and district and our professional team performs a wide range of work, ranging from paving to complement garden designs and pool landscaping, through to retaining walls and stonework.