Geelong landscape and garden maintenance

Ankle-deep grass, overpowering weeds, dry and wilted plants spell a tired and neglected garden. Not only does it bring down the character and value of your home, it will often discourage you from spending time outside. Garden maintenance is one of those things always on the to-do list, but is usually reserved for the odd occasion when the kids don’t have weekend sport or that first sunny weekend each spring.

Just a small but consistent effort is the key to keeping your outdoor area safe, functional and looking sharp. In weekly, fortnightly or monthly intervals, our team returns to private and holiday homes throughout the region, keeping them maintained and looking lived in.

Our landscaping design work in Geelong extends to garden maintenance including attending to weeds, old and falling trees, pruning, hedging, mulching, fertilising, lawn care and high pressure or chemical cleaning of decks and paving. We can also install and manage an irrigation system, meaning your garden will always be hydrated and self-sufficient, ensuring it flourishes through the warmer months.

Regular garden maintenance will identify any vulnerabilities such as leaks, cracked pavements or slumping fences before they become a dangerous and expensive problem. We can also clean and service your pond or water feature, as often old and dirty filters or mechanical parts cause them to break down.

Your front or backyard should be somewhere lovely you can retreat to without staring at weeds and debris.  Our garden maintenance team take the guilt out of never having enough time for your garden, ensuring its always functioning at its full potential.

Contact Kings Landscaping to organise a garden maintenance schedule, or for other garden design or landscape construction in Geelong and district.