Geelong outdoor paving

You would be surprised at what can be paved with great effect these days. From traditional garden paths, staircases, pool landscaping and driveways, right through to wine cellars, indoor feature walls, chimneys and even benchtops! Paving adds colour, texture and creates functional surfaces to move on and use. Paving design can be as simple or artistic as your taste allows.

Our Geelong landscaping team paves using a variety of techniques and materials. Crazy paving is in demand thanks to its unique pattern and ability to fit into any space. Crazy paving is a highly skilled technique and one that our landscapers specialise in. Another style is cobblestone or red brick paving, which is an easy way to jazz up a weary garden path or garden design. Repeating single steppers in bluestone or timber sleepers is a cost effective way of breaking up gravel or grassed areas, as it uses less material than a fully paved path. It can create a lovely meandering walkway, and is softer and less structured than a formal pathway. Other popular materials include Castlemaine rock, Indian sandstone or granite which is particularly low in maintenance.

To make a small area appear bigger, we often use a light-coloured paver such as natural sandstone and lay it in large slabs with minimal joins. For larger areas, simply laying pavers around the edge can create a striking border while also saving on materials and upkeep.

Perfect paving requires careful preparation. We ensure levels are spot on to avoid drainage problems and trip hazards. All of our paving is laid on a reinforced concrete slab to avoid future slumping, puddling or cracking, which is a common problem we are called in to fix.

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