Pool landscaping in Geelong

Traditionally, swimming pools were considered a luxury item, but now you’ll see them dotted in backyards all over the Geelong region. Our clients often tell us a pool is the best investment they’ve ever made, especially families with children. While swimming pools can increase the look and value of your home, you could also save thousands of dollars on swimming lessons, entry fees and school holiday entertainment over a lifetime. And best of all, if set up properly your swimming pool can be used most of the year.

Our team specialises in new pool landscaping and pool renovations, with more than 10 years of experience under our belt. We work with local pool installers to design and construct the perfect pool surround for your home. We manage the project every step of the way, from permits, excavation and plumbing, through to paving, decking and coping, finishing up with painting, planting and furnishing.

A fibreglass pool is a great option to fit in a large or odd-sized area, and is the most cost effective choice. If you’re looking for a high-end finish, concrete pools produce this look by using different coloured glass tiles and grout. But a swimming pool is just a hole in the ground with water in it. It’s the surrounding pool landscape such as the deck, paving, tiles, outdoor kitchen or water feature that really makes the splash. We will design a smart and practical pool surround to match your existing home, and provide ideas and solutions you haven’t yet considered.

Most Australians crave outdoor living but some are faced with limitations in terms of space, climate or a challenging environment. Through split levels and zoning around your poolscape, we can maximize views of the pool area or existing outlook, so even when sitting inside you’re enjoying your backyard resort.

Another key part of our landscape design always considers the practicalities of having a pool in your backyard; proximity and access to the house and plumbing, storage of pumps and pool equipment, seating and fencing. It’s also important to choose materials that are appropriate for wet areas. For example, polished concrete looks fantastic but is dangerously slippery when wet. A more practical choice is bluestone, a durable landscaping paver that copes well with lots of splashing and is easy to clean after sunscreen or drink spills.

There is no margin for error when it comes to swimming pool safety. We will advise on regulations around pool fencing and locks on internal windows, ensuring your pool complies with strict safety regulations.

To find out more about our pool landscaping and other garden design work by our Geelong landscapers, including retaining walls, driveways, stonework and decks and pergolas, contact King’s Landscaping.