Geelong retaining wall design and construction

If you live on a sloping block, it’s likely that you’ll need a retaining wall in your landscape design. Its main function is to support soil and plants on one side to prevent erosion, but retaining walls also create levels or zones in your garden.

At lower heights, retaining walls can create a simple stepped effect up and down your garden. By raising them higher, they could double as a bench seat, maximise a view or hide lower sections of the garden. Retaining walls can also help to shape or remove the need for a staircase or steps, saving on space and additional cost.

Choosing the right materials can also enhance the look of your garden through textures and visual layering. Timber sleepers or recycled timber are often used for their natural properties to blend in with a native or coastal garden. A stacked stone retaining wall could become the hero piece of your outdoor area, creating a dramatic garden bed filled with luscious green plants.

A simple concrete retaining wall looks smooth and clean or can be rendered, cladded or tiled for extra texture and colour. Another favourite trend we are working with is Corten steel. This sheeting creates a modern industrial look and when sloped or sculpted at interesting angles becomes a unique architectural feature.  Other retaining wall designs include growing plants from within to create a vertical garden or using existing materials from the garden such as boulders, to keep the original feel.

As a registered building practitioner, we also have the knowledge to coordinate the engineering and permits required for a structural retaining wall.

Contact King’s Landscaping, Geelong, to discuss your plans for a retaining wall, rock walls or any other garden landscape feature such as paving, driveways, pool landscaping and decks and pergolas. Our landscapers also provide garden maintenance for Geelong and district.