Rock walls and stone landscaping in Geelong

There’s a reason why stone has been used in construction dating back centuries. Its strength, ability to be cut, carved and used in its natural state puts stone at the top of the list for any landscape design. While plants regenerate with the seasons, stonework will stand the test of time in your garden.

We specialise in rock feature walls, stone retaining walls and stone paving and cladding. A stone feature creates a unique and dramatic look that will become the showstopper in your outdoor area.

A bright sandstone wall at your front door or driveway entrance makes a grand welcome, while more subtle designs include formal slate archways, a speckled granite benchtop in your outdoor kitchen or a stone casing for a pond or firepit. These hard, sharp surfaces are offset perfectly against soft green grass, a climbing green vine or natural timber deck.

We love the versatility of stone. Take bluestone, for example, which is our most popular material and is manufactured right here in Victoria. Opening up your french doors onto a secluded, airy courtyard you are drawn to a bluestone bench in one corner forming a sun-soaked nook for reading the weekend papers. Underfoot are thin slabs of bluestone pavers, its bluish-grey tones creating a cooling effect on your bare feet. Run your hands over the jagged rocks pieced together like a puzzle into a floor to ceiling feature wall, which will become the backdrop to your al fresco wine and cheese afternoons. Small, smooth bluestone pebbles decorate the garden bed, and has also been crushed up into crunchy gravel, leading you down a charming pathway. One material many ways is a great cost solution and ties together different aspects of your outdoor area.

Besides its unique aesthetic, we will suggest stone as a key material in your landscape to increase drainage and retain moisture in the soil, prevent erosion and block weeds from growing. Contact Geelong professionals King's Landscaping to find out more about the ageless beauty of stone or for our other services.

Our landscapers perform garden maintenance in Geelong and district, as well as constructing decks and pergolas to complement your garden design, driveways, paving, pool landscaping and much more.