Elevate your home and garden with King’s Gardens & Pools. Our landscapers in Geelong construct decks and pergolas to complement your home design, retaining walls to create levels or zones in your garden, and driveways built to impress. We also offer paving, pool landscaping and premium stonework to stand the test of time.

A deck or pergola is usually what connects inside your home to the great outdoors, so it’s important to get the decking design right in your landscaping project. We can talk you through size and shape, elevation, materials, maintenance and even how to decorate it.

From traditional garden paths, staircases, pool landscaping and driveways, right through to wine cellars, indoor feature walls, chimneys and even benchtops! Paving adds colour, texture and creates functional surfaces to move on and use. Paving design can be as simple or artistic as your taste allows.

If you live on a sloping block, it’s likely that you’ll need a retaining wall in your landscape design. Its main function is to support soil and plants on one side to prevent erosion, but retaining walls also create levels or zones in your garden.

There’s a reason why stone has been used in construction dating back centuries. Its strength, ability to be cut, carved and used in its natural state puts stone at the top of the list for any landscape design. While plants regenerate with the seasons, stonework will stand the test of time in your garden.

We also build driveways using a wide range of colours, aggregate sizes and concrete shades or pavers, depending on the style of home. A smooth and simple concrete driveway creates a tidy and low-maintenance result, whereas a crunchy gravel driveway is cost effective if you have a large distance to cover. Your choice of driveway also needs to complement your style of garden and plants, whether it is formal, native or rural.

To find out more about our landscaping services in Geelong, including retaining walls, driveways, stonework and decks and pergolas, contact King’s Gardens & Pools. We also offer highly qualified garden design and pools in Geelong and surrounding areas.